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MEPS Floor Plans Now on BIManywhere

FEBUARY 24, 2015

BIManywhere is proud to announce users can now link MEPS floor plans or shop drawings to 3D BIM models.

We continue to lead the industry with our innovative 2D and 3D navigation we built specifically for use “in the field.” Our engineers continue to deliver by adding the ability to switch between different types of 2D floor plans such as dry / wet mechanical, plumbing, steel / concrete, or a reflected ceiling plan.



We worked with all types of sub-contractors and trades to understand actual needs “in the field.”  With the input from superintendents and foremen from various MEPS trades, as well as facilities engineers, our users can now take advantage of the extra details provided on shop drawings and be able to switch between trades. And of course, a simple “tap and hold” from any 2D floor plan will take the user directly to that location in the 3D BIM model.

What is also very useful is that all issues created will show up in the exact spot, regardless of which drawing you’re looking at or how many times it’s been updated, thanks to our location-intelligent system.

Download our latest AutoCAD plugin and get your trade files loaded today!

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